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Re: strange alias effects

Andrej and Sven,

> I doubt that this worked before. Maybe you just didn't use it for some 
> time and changed your file in the meantime? Adding that `if', for
> example?
Oops, you are so right.  I downgraded and found that zsh-3.1.6-dev-21 trips 
over the same thing.  Sorry about this misinformation!

And in fact, I moved the look statement into the if-then-else construct
lately.  I guess I haven't use it then for a while and happened to notice
that it doesn't work anymore after my zsh-upgrade.  Stupid coincidence. :-(

> It was always the case that syntactical constructs like if/the/else
> and loops were parsed completely. So if you do:
> the whole thing is parsed at once. When it is executed, the alias is
> defined, but in this case the functions are already parsed, too.
> It isn't special to zsh, either. All shells (have to) behave this way.

Oohhh!  This is not very self-evident.  Maybe that should go into the FAQ?
I split the if-clause in two and now it works.  Thank you!

> P.S.: [[..]] is faster than [..].

Thanks and sorry again!

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