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screen refresh bug


I have a little problem with zsh (compiled version 3.1.6 or debian package
3.1.9) :

when i use the backward on history with arrow keys the first command line
is ok but if i backward again the screen refresh don't make is job, the line
is not viewable, zle don't allow me to see the line but if i put my cursor
somewhere in the line and make a space/backsuppr i can see some letters of
the line.. it's so funny.. ;)
i have tried to put a vt100 TERM (i use screen), linux TERM.. but that
do nothing better.
I've also read the FAQ and some ml archives.
the same thing appears with a large command line..

Thx a lot for answers.



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invested into creating contradictory, bogus and stupid licenses...
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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author