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Re: _tar -*Cf*?

Bart Schaefer [schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:

> On Nov 25,  5:43am, Calum Selkirk wrote:
> > Looking at _tar i see:
> > 
> > elif [[ ( CURRENT -gt 2 && "$words[CURRENT-1]" = -*Cf*) ||
> >         ( CURRENT -eq 3 && "$words[2]" = *Cf* ) ]]; then
> > 
> > I'm pretty new to zsh so forgive my ignorance, but shouldn't this be -C
> > rather than -Cf to get commpletion on the --directory to change to?  
> It should probably be *C*f*.  This came from zsh-workers/9094, in which
> Clint wrote:
> > This should handle -Cf now, but not -fC, which, of course, requires
> > the positions of directory and tarfile to be reversed.
> There are several other possible combinations that _tar doesn't handle
> (including, say, -bf where a blocksize has to precede the file name).

Thats what i had originally thought .. but *C*f* would also produce the
completion on _tar_archive  and not _file -/ (which would be my expected
behavior from the -C switch). Anyhow thanks for your reply .. as i'd
mentioned in my previous i've only been using zsh for a short while ..
i can't tell you how great i'm finding it .. i'm hooked! kudos to all

I'm planning writting a basic intro (that would only cover 3.1.9 as that
is all i'm familiar with) would that seem too premature, meaning is it
safe to assume that 4.x (or what ever the next stable release it to be)
is on the horizon?


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