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About advogato.org

I just wonder, why there is no developers of zsh at advogato.org. At
least I have found none.

So what is advogato.org? It is WWW-community for Open Source-developers.
It has very clever trust metrics algorithm. There are at least
discussions, diaries and project-listings.

Discussions should have better signal/noise-ratio in advogato.org than
in Slashdot because you can't participate to discussions before enough
people trust you enough. But anybody can read those discussions and I
have found them very interesting.

Please, check it out and join.


Here is my page at advogato.org:


Juhapekka "naula" Tolvanen * U of Jyväskylä * * juhtolv@xxxxxxxxx
http://www.st.jyu.fi/~juhtolv/spam.html * STRAIGHT BUT NOT NARROW
"tänä vuonna käy kato. karja menee umpeen. sikiöt jäätyvät
kohtuihin ja rakkaus elämään kuolee. joentöyräälle itäpenkkaan
tukehdun yskääni, lämpimiksi kylmyyttä halaten."              CMX

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