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RE: Stop _path_files from searching /

> Hi,
>   when I try to complete a path name like /path/to/dir in zsh 3.1.9 on
> Linux, the completion function _path_files steps up the directory tree and
> searches for completions in /, /path, /path/to and /path/to/dir. These
> directories are not in my cdpath.

What has it to do with cdpath? _path_files completes partial file path; it is
used by many other completion functions, _cd including.

>   This annoys me because my slow CD-ROM drive is automounted with autofs.
> When a CD lies in the tray and a path is completed, zsh accesses /cdrom and
> thereby mounts the CD-ROM. Of course, I could remove the symlink from /cdrom
> to the autofs directory, but I'd rather like to get the job done by
> configuring the zsh completion.

I do not understand. _path_files basically evaluates


so unless you try to complete something like


/cdrom will never be touched. Can you give specific example of what you try to
do? Together with zstyle -L output.

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