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History Up key


I have been using zsh-3.0.8 until yesterday, when I decided to switch to
zsh-4.0.1-pre2. I have one problem, which I want to report. It might be an old
story, but I am not aware of it:

I am using vi key binding. When I want to repeare my repeat command, I used
to hit the "cursor-up" key, see the last command and hit enter. The fact that I
am at vi-insert-mode still allowed the binding of "cursor-up" to

However, upgrading to zsh 4, the binding apparently disappeared, and I have to
hit the escape key before the cursor-up to go into vi-command-mode. I think
this behavior is the same as in bash, but I find it a little annoying. Is this
intentional? Is there any setting I can  do to have the old behavior?



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