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RE: Completions under NT / cygwin

> At work I have built zsh from the latest CVS sources using the cygwin
> toolkit.  When I use the new completion system, I can not complete
> fully-qualified filenames, be they of the form "/cygdrive/d/views/..."
> or (more conveniently) "d:/views/...".  Is there a magic style setting
> I need to use to complete these filenames?

For /cydrive use something like

zstyle ':completion:*' fake-files '/:cygdrive'  '/cygdrive:c d'

See description of fake-files. You can add some magic to startup scripts to
find out what drives are actually available (and even get real cygdrive prefix
from registry).

For d:/ unfortunately now solution as for now. The rpoblem is, zsh does not
knwo that it is an absolute filename. The simplest solution wuld be to stick
cygpath in approptiate place in _path_files:

mw1g017@MW1G17C% cygpath -u d:/foo

This would imply that completion will replace d:/foo by it's unix name.


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