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Re: completion tricks

Zsh comes with a tool to convert tcsh completions to zsh compctl completions. 
It might be useful to have a tool to convert zsh compctl completions to the new
completion system.  Something like this would be useful for converting these
custom completions.

It could provide a good learning experience for how to use the new system for
folks familiar with the old (or are able to better understand the old system
that the new.)

For the timing issues, it might be useful if a completion could be stopped if a
certain time limit has been reached.  Maybe the check could occur between
completers.  So in addition to check if there were any matches, it could see if
the time limit was exceeded.

 Also, I thought there was a style to tell the completion system, if a given
filepath exists, accept it without trying to do completions on the whole
path...  Something like that might help prevent NFS from being excessively
tickled by completion.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author