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Re: process completion

On Mar 20,  5:19pm, Jeff Shipman wrote:
} Subject: Re: process completion
} > 	autoload -U compinit
} > 	compinit
} When I do that, I get the following error:
} compinit:20: compinit: function definition file not found
} I compiled zsh with --disable-dynamic so shouldn't
} it have everything it already needs?

The new completion system is written as shell functions, not (entirely)
in C, so the C library linkage has nothing to do with whether you can
load a function definition.

} Or is there something else I'm forgetting to do?

The default setting of the fpath parameter *should* point to the right
places, unless (for example) you have a .zshrc file from an older version
of zsh that is stomping on it.

When you compiled, did you run "make install" successfully?

In any case, you'll need to be sure that your fpath includes all of the
directories that have the completion function files.

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