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new completion modifications


I just upgraded from 3.0.x to a 3.1.9 version, and I'm starting to tweak the 
new completions to work the way I like.  I have a few questions that I hope 
aren't too basic.

Before, I had a few variables defined:

$hosts=(commonly used hosts)
$sshhosts=(hosts I ssh to)
$pages=(a list of URLs I visit)

and used:

compctl -k hosts telnet rlogin ftp ncftp ping traceroute 
compctl -k sshhosts ssh ssh1 ssh2
compctl -k pages lynx netscape netscape4

(along with some more advanced scp compctls)

I've got this mostly working by simply doing:

zstyle ':*' hosts $hosts
zstyle ':*' hosts $sshhosts

First, which is the magic zstyle for a list of URLs?  It seems that 
lynx/netscape use http:/(hosts)/ by default.

Second, is there an easy way to limit my $hosts expansions to telnet, rlogin, 
ftp, etc, and $sshhosts to ssh, scp, etc?  using the above zstyles, they are 
all thrown in one completion basket.

Lastly, the default _rlogin  completion file doesn't work for me - we use the 
kerberized version of rlogin, which takes the -x option:

% rlogin host<tab>

completes properly, as does rlogin -l user host<tab>.


% rlogin -x host<tab>  

does nothing.  

How can I add the -x flag to the rlogin completion definition, without 
modifying the system file?  (kerberized rlogin seems to have lots of other 
options that also aren't included - I only use -x however)



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