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Re: new completion modifications

On Mar 22, 10:34am, Scott Lipcon wrote:
} Subject: Re: new completion modifications
} Is there an easy way (using zstyle) to tell mutt to use mh folder
} completions after -f? If not, any hints on how to modify _mutt to use
} mh folders? It seems that _mutt's -f flag uses _mailboxes to complete,
} and _mailboxes doesn't know about mh folders.

_mailboxes most certainly does know about mh folders.  The _mh function
could probably be modified to call _mailboxes, too, except that support
in _mailboxes for mh has always been marked as "wrong or incomplete" --
I know there are at least a couple of dozen commands that use MH folders,
because of the way MH is architected, but I no longer have access to a
complete MH installation (and refuse to clutter my home machine with one
just to learn the current list of commands, sorry).

To get _mutt to complete MH folders, you just need this in .zshrc:


That should probably be converted to use a zstyle.

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