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Re: Compilation problem on Cygwin

On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 11:39:33AM +0400, you [Andrej Borsenkow] claimed:
> One more possibility (and I'm pretty sure it is it): the temporary files
> are created on text-mounted file system and then simply copied into /home
> and get DOS lineend.
> anybody knows where configure creates temporary files?
> Ville, could you check
> - config.status, and probably a couple of makefiles (Src/Makemod,
> Src/Makefile) for CR-LF? Better copy over to Unix (to avoid Cygwin
> sideeffects; do not forget bin mode :-). If you see something like
> "#!/bin/shCR" - it canot work of course.

od -ah Src/Makefile config.status Src/Makemod.in | grep -i cr

show nothing for those files (of course I don't have Makemod, just
Makemod.in and that's what make complains about). That's on unix.

I double checked with a DOS file, and it did show the CR's.

> - how your /tmp (and may be TMP, TEMP, TMPDIR) are mounted? If they are
> inside text-mounted filesystem? Note, that Cygwin defaulted to text mount;
> since 1.1.8 (I believe) it defaults to binary, but it won't change
> defaults by update.

I have 

c:\cygwin           /                   system       binmode

and I just changed 
export TMP=/tmp
export TEMP=/tmp
(nothing mounted on /tmp, it's just a dir under /).

That didn't help.
> -andrej

I'll try to play with this myself a bit. I'll post if I can't find out
anything useful.

-- v --


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