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compinit quirk

I am trying to set up the command-line completion system for
a co-worker (julian) when zsh is installed into my (scott) $HOME
& have come across a 'quirk'.

- All installed files are, obviously, owned by scott, but
  are still readable by julian.
- julian's fpath correctly points to the 'functions' &
  'site-functions' directory under scott's $HOME.
- Executing a 'compinit -i' as julian, I've found that
  compinit doesn't autoload much (anything?)
- I copied the contents of the 'functions' directory
  into ~julian/functions & added that directory to the
- 'compinit -i' now does as I expect.

This suggests to mE that either:
a) I've stuffed something up, or
b) there is a 'quirk' in compinit that means it will not
   autoload functions when they are not installed as
   root or $USER.

wombat:trix>> echo $ZSH_VERSION
wombat:trix>> uname -a
IRIX64 wombat 6.5 07201607 IP27

I've been a zsh-convert for over 2 years now. I'd just like to say
THANKS to those on this list that have contributed to zsh & made my life
SOOOOO much easier!

SCoTT! :)

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author