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{ foo=bar; command; } | othercommand; echo $foo == no output?

g'day all,

a mate is maving a problem with the following, and i tried the
behaviour under zsh and it doesn't work either.  is there a
reason why this doesn't work?  and what would be a good
solution?  (i suggested setopt multios; prog x y z > /dev/stdout
> filename)

thanks zsh gurus!

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Subject: [slug-chat] Script challenge with tee
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I have a problem,  I want to tee and still get the return code:

  prog  x y z | tee
  echo $?

Will always show zero because this is the return code of tee.  I need the 
return value of prog.

  prog x y z
  echo $?
} | tee

works but I want to capture the values so that I can exit much later with the 
value of this program.

   prog x y z
}  | tee

  lp ...

exit $RC

RC is does not appear to be available to the script.

Any suggestions?


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