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[schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Re: How to exploit chpwd-function?]

Bart forgot to send his answer to this list, too:

Anyway, those ways to exploit chpwd sounds so cool that I think I'll
add some stuff of that kind to my shell-configs some day.

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On Apr 18,  7:25pm, Juhapekka Tolvanen wrote:
} Subject: How to exploit chpwd-function?
} Need I say more? Would you please tell me your favourite ways to use
} chpwd-function.
} P.S: I do not subscribe to this list, but I am smart enough to read
} mailing-list archives via WWW. You can Cc: to me, if I want.

A search on chpwd in the zsh-users archive gives 73 hits, covering only
three topics (aside from bug reports):

    using chpwd to set the xterm title (and similar stunts) [better done
    with precmd, but see also the zftp_chpwd function in the 3.1.9 and
    later zsh manual]; 

    using chpwd to save and load a per-directory zsh history;

    using chpwd to report whether the new $PWD is a symlink.

A search on zsh-workers turns up nothing else of interest.

In the past, I've used chpwd to check whether the .exrc file in the current
directory could safely be read and set EXINIT accordingly; but as I now use
emacs more often than vi, I've dropped that.

The only thing left in my chpwd function now is assigning cwd=$PWD, because
I first learned csh and still occasionally type $cwd by "mistake."

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