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problem completing anything after directory/<TAB>

hi all,

i'm having an odd problem with completion.  best explained by

    13:11 /% cd <TAB>
    completing directory
    proc/  etc/  bin/   boot/  net/  mnt2/  lost+found/  var@     cdrom/   c/  
    tmp/   lib/  sbin/  root/  usr/  mnt/   home@        initrd/  floppy/  dev/

completion works perfectly there.  however, doing this:

    13:11 /% cd usr/<TAB>
    completing `directory' or `corrections'

doesn't perform any completion whatsoever.

zsh apparently is having problems completing anything if you are
in a word which has a directory name.  (i've tried putting the
cursor inside the directory name, instead of the end, with no
difference.) this happens no matter what type of completion i
want; eg

    13:11 /% ls usr/<TAB>
    completing `files', `file', or `corrections'

doesn't work either.

i'm using the Debian zsh-beta package (full filename is
zsh-beta_4.0.0+4.0.1.pre2+0sf20010405-1_i386.deb).  i think all
this was working a few package versions ago, but it's not now. 
i thought perhaps Debian's package was bung, but i created a new
user on my system, so it has all of the system defaults, loaded
compinit, and things worked fine.

zsh details:

    13:14 /% echo $ZSH_VERSION
    13:16 /% setopt

i'm not sure what other debugging information to provide, so any
pointers would be great :).  my .zcompdump file is attached, but
i'm not using anything special apart from the gizmos provided by

thanks for reading this far!

#ozone/algorithm <ozone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>          - trust.in.love.to.save
#files: 578
- _precommand
. _source
a2ps _a2ps
acroread _pdf
alias _alias
amaya _webbrowser
animate _imagemagick
apachectl _apachectl
apm _apm
appletviewer _java
apropos _man
apt-cache _apt
apt-cdrom _apt
apt-config _apt
apt-get _apt
archie _archie
arena _webbrowser
arp _arp
-array-value- _value
autoload _autoload
bash _sh
bg _jobs_bg
bindkey _bindkey
bison _bison
-brace-parameter- _brace_parameter
bug _bug
buildhash _ispell
builtin _builtin
bunzip2 _bzip2
bzcat _bzip2
bzip2 _bzip2
bzip2recover _bzip2
cd _cd
chdir _cd
chgrp _chown
chimera _webbrowser
chown _chown
ci _rcs
clear _nothing
co _rcs
combine _imagemagick
command _command
-command- _command_names
-command-line- _normal
comp _mh
compdef _compdef
compress _compress
-condition- _condition
configure _configure
convert _imagemagick
cpio _cpio
csh _sh
curl _urls
cvs _cvs
cvsup _cvsup
dd _dd
declare _typeset
-default- _default
df _directories
dict _dict
diff _diff
dircmp _directories
dirs _directories
disable _disable
disown _jobs_fg
display _imagemagick
dmake _make
domainname _yp
dosdel _floppy
dosread _floppy
dpkg _dpkg
dpkg-deb _dpkg
dpkg-source _dpkg_source
du _directories
dupload _dupload
dvibook _dvi
dviconcat _dvi
dvicopy _dvi
dvidvi _dvi
dvips _dvi
dviselect _dvi
dvitodvi _dvi
dvitype _dvi
echotc _echotc
egrep _grep
elm _elm
emulate _emulate
enable _enable
enscript _enscript
epsffit _psutils
-equal- _equal
eval _precommand
exec _precommand
export _typeset
express _webbrowser
extcheck _java
extractres _psutils
fakeroot _fakeroot
false _nothing
fc _fc
fetchmail _fetchmail
fg _jobs_fg
fgrep _grep
find _find
findaffix _ispell
finger _finger
-first- _first
fixdlsrps _psutils
fixfmps _psutils
fixmacps _psutils
fixpsditps _psutils
fixpspps _psutils
fixscribeps _psutils
fixtpps _psutils
fixwfwps _psutils
fixwpps _psutils
fixwwps _psutils
flex _flex
float _typeset
fned _zed
folder _mh
folders _mh
ftp _hosts
functions _functions
fwhois _whois
galeon _urls
gcc _gcc
gdb _gdb
gdiff _diff
getafm _psutils
getconf _getconf
getopts _vars
ggv _pspdf
ghostscript _gs
ghostview _pspdf
gls _ls
gmake _make
gprof _gprof
grail _webbrowser
grep _grep
groups _users
gs _gs
gsbj _pspdf
gsdj _pspdf
gsdj500 _pspdf
gslj _pspdf
gslp _pspdf
gsnd _pspdf
gunzip _gzip
gv _gv
gview _gv
gzcat _gzip
gzilla _webbrowser
gzip _gzip
hash _hash
history _fc
host _hosts
hotjava _webbrowser
icombine _ispell
iconv _iconv
ijoin _ispell
import _imagemagick
inc _mh
includeres _psutils
integer _typeset
ispell _ispell
jar _java
jarsigner _java
java _java
javac _java
javadoc _java
javah _java
javap _java
jdb _java
jobs _jobs_builtin
joe _joe
keytool _java
kill _kill
killall _killall
kldload _kld
kldunload _kld
ksh _sh
last _users
latex _tex
let _math
lftp _ncftp
limit _limits
local _typeset
log _nothing
logname _nothing
look _look
lp _lp
lpq _lp
lpr _lp
lprm _lp
ls _ls
lscfg _lscfg
lsdev _lsdev
lslv _lslv
lspv _lspv
lsvg _lsvg
lynx _lynx
lzop _lzop
mail _mail
Mail _mail
mailx _mail
make _make
man _man
mark _mh
-math- _math
mere _mere
mgv _pspdf
mhlist _mh
mhmail _mh
mhn _mh
mhparam _mh
mhpath _mh
mhshow _mh
mhstore _mh
mmm _webbrowser
mogrify _imagemagick
montage _imagemagick
Mosaic _webbrowser
mount _mount
mozilla _webbrowser
munchlist _ispell
mush _mail
mutt _mutt
mysql _mysql_utils
mysqladmin _mysql_utils
mysqldump _mysql_utils
mysqlshow _mysql_utils
native2ascii _java
nc _nedit
ncftp _ncftp
nedit _nedit
netscape _netscape
newgrp _groups
next _mh
nice _precommand
nocorrect _precommand
noglob _precommand
nohup _precommand
nslookup _nslookup
ntalk _other_accounts
odme _object_classes
odmget _object_classes
odmshow _object_classes
opera _webbrowser
pack _pack
-parameter- _parameter
passwd _users
patch _patch
pcat _pack
pdf2dsc _pdf
pdf2ps _pdf
pdfimages _pdf
pdfinfo _pdf
pdftopbm _pdf
pdftops _pdf
pdftotext _pdf
perl _perl
perldoc _perldoc
pick _mh
pine _pine
pinef _pine
ping _hosts
pkg_add _bsd_pkg
pkg_delete _bsd_pkg
pkg_info _bsd_pkg
pmake _make
pman _perl_modules
pmcat _perl_modules
pmdesc _perl_modules
pmeth _perl_modules
pmexp _perl_modules
pmfunc _perl_modules
pmload _perl_modules
pmls _perl_modules
pmpath _perl_modules
pmvers _perl_modules
podgrep _perl_modules
podpath _perl_modules
podtoc _perl_modules
policytool _java
popd _directory_stack
prcs _prcs
prev _mh
print _print
prompt _prompt
ps2ascii _pspdf
ps2epsi _ps
ps2pdf _ps
psbook _psutils
psmerge _psutils
psmulti _ps
psnup _psutils
psresize _psutils
psselect _psutils
pstoedit _pspdf
pstops _psutils
pstotgif _pspdf
pswrap _ps
pushd _cd
querybts _bug
r _fc
rc _sh
rcp _rlogin
rcs _rcs
read _read
readonly _typeset
-redirect- _redirect
refile _mh
rehash _hash
remsh _rlogin
repl _mh
reportbug _bug
rlogin _rlogin
rmdir _directories
rmic _java
rmid _java
rmiregistry _java
rmm _mh
rpm _rpm
rsh _rlogin
rtin _tin
rup _hosts
rusage _precommand
rwho _hosts
scan _mh
sched _sched
scp _ssh
serialvar _java
set _set
setopt _setopt
sh _sh
shift _arrays
show _mh
showchar _psutils
slitex _tex
slogin _ssh
slrn _slrn
smit _smit
smitty _smit
socket _socket
source _source
ssh _ssh
ssh-add _ssh
ssh-agent _ssh
ssh-keygen _ssh
stat _stat
strip _strip
stty _stty
su _su
-subscript- _subscript
sudo _sudo
talk _other_accounts
tar _tar
tcsh _sh
telnet _telnet
tex _tex
-tilde- _tilde
time _precommand
times _nothing
tin _tin
traceroute _hosts
trap _trap
true _nothing
tryaffix _ispell
ttyctl _ttyctl
type _which
typeset _typeset
ulimit _ulimit
umount _mount
unalias _aliases
uncompress _compress
unfunction _functions
unhash _unhash
unlimit _limits
unpack _pack
unset _vars
unsetopt _unsetopt
unzip _zip
-value- _value
vared _vared
-vared- _in_vared
w3m _w3m
wait _wait
wget _wget
whatis _man
whence _which
where _which
whereis _whereis
which _which
whoami _nothing
whois _whois
whom _mh
write _users_on
www _webbrowser
xargs _xargs
xauth _xauth
xdpyinfo _x_utils
xdvi _xdvi
xev _x_utils
xfd _x_utils
xfig _xfig
xfontsel _x_utils
xhost _x_utils
xkill _x_utils
xmodmap _xmodmap
xmosaic _webbrowser
xon _x_utils
xpdf _pdf
xping _hosts
xrdb _xrdb
xset _xset
xsetroot _x_utils
xterm _xterm
xtp _imagemagick
xv _xv
xwd _x_utils
xwininfo _x_utils
xwit _xwit
xwud _x_utils
ypbind _yp
ypcat _yp
ypmatch _yp
yppasswd _yp
yppoll _yp
yppush _yp
ypserv _yp
ypset _yp
ypwhich _yp
ypxfr _yp
ytalk _other_accounts
zcat _zcat
zcompile _zcompile
zdump _zdump
zed _zed
zip _zip
zipinfo _zip
zle _zle
zmail _mail
zmodload _zmodload
zpty _zpty
zsh _sh
zstyle _zstyle
bzcat bunzip2
gzcat gunzip
pcat unpack
remsh rsh
slogin ssh

zf\* _zftp

\*/\(init\|rc\[0-9S\]\#\).d/\* _init_d
\(p\[bgpn\]m\*\|\*top\[bgpn\]m\) _pbm
\(texi\(2\*\|ndex\)\) _texi
\(tiff\*\|\*2tiff\|pal2rgb\) _tiff
\*/X11\(\|R\[456\]\)/\* _x_arguments
yodl\(\|2\*\) _yodl

_call_program +X

zle -C _bash_complete-word .complete-word _bash_completions
zle -C _bash_list-choices .list-choices _bash_completions
zle -C _complete_debug .complete-word _complete_debug
zle -C _complete_help .complete-word _complete_help
zle -C _complete_tag .complete-word _complete_tag
zle -C _correct_filename .complete-word _correct_filename
zle -C _correct_word .complete-word _correct_word
zle -C _expand_alias .complete-word _expand_alias
zle -C _expand_word .complete-word _expand_word
zle -C _history-complete-newer .complete-word _history_complete_word
zle -C _history-complete-older .complete-word _history_complete_word
zle -C _list_expansions .list-choices _expand_word
zle -C _most_recent_file .complete-word _most_recent_file
zle -C _next_tags .complete-word _next_tags
zle -C _read_comp .complete-word _read_comp
bindkey '^X^R' _read_comp
bindkey '^X?' _complete_debug
bindkey '^XC' _correct_filename
bindkey '^Xa' _expand_alias
bindkey '^Xc' _correct_word
bindkey '^Xd' _list_expansions
bindkey '^Xe' _expand_word
bindkey '^Xh' _complete_help
bindkey '^Xm' _most_recent_file
bindkey '^Xn' _next_tags
bindkey '^Xt' _complete_tag
bindkey '^X~' _bash_list-choices
bindkey '^[,' _history-complete-newer
bindkey '^[/' _history-complete-older
bindkey '^[~' _bash_complete-word

autoload -U _a2ps _aliases _alias _all_labels _all_matches _alternative \
            _apachectl _apm _approximate _apt _archie _arg_compile \
            _arguments _arp _arrays _autoload _bash_completions _bindkey \
            _bison _brace_parameter _bsd_pkg _bug _builtin _bzip2 \
            _cache_invalid _call_function _cd _chown _combination _command \
            _command_names _compdef _complete_debug _complete _complete_help _complete_tag \
            _compress _condition _configure _contexts _correct_filename _correct \
            _correct_word _cpio _cvs _cvsup _dd _deb_packages \
            _default _describe _description _dict _dict_words _diff \
            _diff_options _directories _directory_stack _dir_list _disable _domains \
            _dpkg _dpkg_source _dupload _dvi _echotc _elm \
            _emulate _enable _enscript _equal _expand_alias _expand \
            _expand_word _fakeroot _fc _fetchmail _file_descriptors _files \
            _find _finger _first _flex _floppy _functions \
            _gcc _gdb _generic _getconf _gnu_generic _gprof \
            _grep _groups _gs _gv _gzip _hash \
            _history_complete_word _history _hosts _iconv _ignored _imagemagick \
            _init_d _in_vared _ispell _java _jobs_bg _jobs_builtin \
            _jobs_fg _jobs _joe _killall _kill _kld \
            _limits _list _logical_volumes _look _lp _lscfg \
            _lsdev _ls _lslv _lspv _lsvg _lynx \
            _lzop _mailboxes _mail _main_complete _make _man \
            _match _math _menu _mere _message _mh \
            _most_recent_file _mount _multi_parts _mutt _my_accounts _mysql_utils \
            _ncftp _nedit _netscape _newsgroups _next_label _next_tags \
            _normal _nothing _nslookup _object_classes _oldlist _options \
            _options_set _options_unset _other_accounts _pack _parameter _parameters \
            _patch _path_files _pbm _pdf _perl_basepods _perl_builtin_funcs \
            _perldoc _perl _perl_modules _physical_volumes _pids _pine \
            _ports _prcs _precommand _prefix _printers _print \
            _prompt _ps _pspdf _psutils _rcs _read_comp \
            _read _redirect _regex_arguments _requested _retrieve_cache _rlogin \
            _rpm _sched _sep_parts _set _setopt _setup \
            _sh _signals _slrn _smit _socket _source \
            _ssh _stat _store_cache _strip _stty _sub_commands \
            _subscript _sudo _su _tags _tar_archive _tar \
            _telnet _tex _texi _tiff _tilde_files _tilde \
            _tin _trap _ttyctl _typeset _ulimit _unhash \
            _unsetopt _urls _user_at_host _users _users_on _value \
            _values _vared _vars _volume_groups _w3m _wait \
            _wanted _webbrowser _wget _whereis _which _whois \
            _xargs _x_arguments _xauth _x_borderwidth _x_color _x_colormapid \
            _x_cursor _x_display _xdvi _x_extension _xfig _x_font \
            _x_geometry _x_keysym _x_locale _x_modifier _xmodmap _x_name \
            _xrdb _x_resource _x_selection_timeout _xset _xt_arguments _xterm \
            _x_title _xt_session_id _x_utils _xv _x_window _xwit \
            _yodl _yp _zcat _zcompile _zdump _zed \
            _zftp _zip _zle _zmodload _zpty _zstyle
autoload -U +X _call_program

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