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More about ksh_glob and completion

In zsh-users/3836 I wrote:
} Unfortunately, zsh has options like kshglob that change the syntax of
} glob patterns.  When the completion system functions are autoloaded
} with kshglob in effect, the meanings of some of those patterns is
} altered -- and is compiled into the function, so even though kshglob is
} later turned off by the completion system, the [[ ]] and `case' patterns
} retain their ksh interpretations and fail to work.

Fortunately (and somewhat embarrassingly) I'm completely (ahem) wrong about
the above.  Pre-compilation of glob patterns is not broken by kshglob; I
had tried it outside the completion system and thought I'd verified it, but
I must have done something wrong (perhaps I typed `unset' for `unsetopt')
because today I can't reproduce it.

And further, the completion system didn't turn off kshglob.  It should.  See
if this doesn't fix you up, Andre.

Index: Completion/compinit
--- Completion/compinit	2001/04/09 20:14:08
+++ Completion/compinit	2001/04/29 18:14:05
@@ -134,6 +134,7 @@
+    NO_kshglob

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