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Re: architecture independent wordcode files (.zwc)

On May 12,  1:09pm, Paul Lew wrote:
} Subject: architecture independent wordcode files (.zwc)
}     Right now we have .zshenv compiled into .zshenv.zwc and .zshrc
}     compiled into .zshrc.zwc on the solaris machine. However, this
}     does not work for the Linux. I got zsh cored when reading the .zwc
}     file for the wrong architecture.
}     The emacs .elc files works on different endian machines. Any plan
}     to do the same with .zwc files?

It's supposed to work -- the zcompile doc says:

              The created file always contains  two  versions  of
              the  compiled  format,  one for big-endian machines
              and one for small-endian machines.  The  upshot  of
              this  is that the compiled file is machine indepen-
              dent and if it is read or mapped, only one half  of
              the file is actually used (and mapped).

If possible, please send a stack trace from your core dump to zsh-workers.

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