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Re: DEC VT220 and zsh...

>   OK, I'm stumped. I got a DEC VT220, connected it to my internet
>   gateway box and stuck a getty on it. Everything is fine until I try to
>   run zsh, which doesn't seem to do anything.
>   I had to change my login shell to bash, which works happily. The only
>   thing I wasn't expecting is that $TERM is "linux" rather than "vt220",
>   could this be affecting zsh?

Sounds like you might need to put  <path-to>/zsh  into /etc/shells.

Generally speaking you will need to do your own setting of TERM to be

The "linux" is probably your default entry in /etc/gettydefs.
If you have a REAL VT220, and the getty is "smart" the VT220 will
answerback, its terminal type... but don't hold your breath, that
technology never worked consistantly in multi-vendor setups.

Otherwise, you will have to play games with tset. (man tset).

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