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Re: compctl -y problem.

In reply to "Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>On May 24, 11:44am, Cesar Crusius wrote:
>} Subject: compctl -y problem.
>} When I press <Tab> after aecd, the table shows as
>} expected, but the cursor does not return to where it should. It goes
>} to one line below where I originally typed <Tab>.
>} Any clues?
>Which version number of zsh are you using?

zsh --version gives


It also happends independently of the terminal (console, rxvt, xterm),
so the problem's not there too.

>Do any of the lines in the output, particlarly the last line, contain
>exactly the same number of characters as the width of the terminal?

No... Here's a quick test that also fails:

function tests {
compctl -K tests -y '$test_desc' testa

When I try to complete 'testa' I get the same behavior.

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