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HP-UX 11.00 tgetenv dilemma


I have been championing zsh here at my lab at HP and love this
shell.  Up until recently we were using HP-UX 10.20 with zsh
3.1.9 with no problems.  However, when we upgraded to HP-UX
11.00, the termcap compatibility was broken.  I finally
figured out the problem.

HP-UX 11.00 has two man pages discussing tgetent.  'man termcap'

tgetent()       ...tgetent() returns -1 if it cannot
                access the terminfo directory, 0 if there is no
                capability file for name, and 1 if all goes

but 'man tgetent' says

      Upon successful completion, functions that return an
      integer return OK(0).  Otherwise, they return ERR(-1).

      Functions that return pointers return a null pointer on

The code in init.c, init_term() requires the man termcap
functionality.  HP claims that the man tgetent functionality is
the true X-Open Standard.  (I have not confirmed this.)

We can solve the problem in two ways.

1. If we link with -lHcurses, we get tgetent to return the
expected 1 with success.  I suppose this would be done in the
configure script.  This library may not be around for the

2. If the X-Open Standard is truely as HP claims, we can add
another #ifdef block to the existing TGETENT_ACCEPTS_NULL to
work with this situation.  Then we link with -lcurses as the
current configure script does.

If possible, I would appreciate a fix in the next release
(either 3.1.x or 4.0.x).



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