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Re: pop - is there a more elegant solution

On Jun 28, 10:01am, jarausch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} is there a more elegant (less cryptic) solution to
} # emulate Perl's pop function

Depends on what you intend by emulating it.  Functions in Bourne-like
shell languages don't return values like functions in perl, so there
isn't anything well-defined to do with the popped value.

The fastest way to simply discard the last positional parameter is


(which of course only works in zsh).  So if what you want to do is to
store that positional parameter in $last and then discard it,


is about as un-cryptic as you're going to get.

} #!/bin/zsh
} # get the last parameter and shorten the list
} echo $@
} last=$[-1]

You must mean $@[-1].  $[-1] is just -1.  But if you know about $@[-1],
then ...

} # shorten the parameter array
} set $@[0,$[-1+$#]]

... you should know that $@[1,-2] works as well.  (You don't index from
zero unless the ksh_arrays option is set.)

Aside to zsh-workers:  A weird thing about `setopt ksharrays' is that
${@[0]} is $1.  Does ksh really work that way?

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