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Re: zsh 4.0.2 released

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Peter Stephenson wrote:

> I have finally succeeded in uploading zsh 4.0.2 to ftp.zsh.org and
> sourceforge.  It will eventually reach the mirrors.


I didn't notice this before, but the `make install.html'' does not install the
zsh.html file. Texi2html generates from zsh.texi the top page zsh.html, and a
lot of zsh_*.html files. However, only the latter are installed. Since they all
have links like <a HREF="zsh.html#SEC_Top">Top</a> all these links do not work
unless the former is also installed. Therefore, Doc/Makefile should be changed
so that the loop `for file in zsh_*.html' should be replaced by `for file in
zsh*.html' (underscore omitted). Same comment refers to `make uninstall.html'



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