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Using buffer for history-incremental-search-backward

I'm trying to figure out how to use history-incremental-search-backward.

I do this.
zsh -f
host% echo abc  > /dev/null
host% echo def  > /dev/null
host% echo ghi  > /dev/null
host% bindkey -e
host% sleep 5
host% echo

So why doesn't the control-R register?  Regardless, there are times I
would like to take the initial contents of the current BUFFER and start
a h-i-s-b.  So I tried to write a widget that can be dropped in the
place of the builtin h-i-s-b.  The problem I've been having is how to
determine if this is the initial call of h-i-s-b, or if it is in the
middle of a search in progress.

Here's my current version:
h-i-s-b () {
        local saveBuf
        zle history-incremental-search-backward $saveBuf
zle -N h-i-s-b h-i-s-b
bindkey "^R" h-i-s-b

The problem is that it doesn't properly handle the situation of being
called in the middle of the current search, like the builtin h.i.s.b.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author