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Re: completion question

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001, Andrej Borsenkow wrote about "RE: completion question":
> > /---  On Wed,  Jul  04, 2001  at  03:10:46PM  +0400, Andrej  Borsenkow
> > wrote:
> > | setopt completeinword
> > \---
> >
> > It does  not exactly  work as  I want... It  simply does  nothing. (at
> > least in zsh 4.0.2, debian sid). :-(
> >
> ... it works; do you use vi or emacs bindings? Do you use old (compctl) or
> new completion? Does it work with zsh -f (as above)?

Maybe what is bothering him is that if you do

       ^--- cursor (no space)
and press TAB, nothing is completed. If you enter a slash, however, it works:

    /u/_local/          (or /u_/local/)
is completed to

But if you don't type in that extra slash explicitly, completeinword doesn't
seem to be doing what he wants.

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