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Re: ehh... zsh: correct 'cvs' to '_cvs' [nyae]? n

On Jul 11,  1:30pm, Andrew Markebo wrote:
} Subject: ehh... zsh: correct 'cvs' to '_cvs' [nyae]? n
} Commandline correction.. which parameter have I now set wrong??
} aes@NOCTURN:Jul04<130> cvs --help-options
} zsh: correct 'cvs' to '_cvs' [nyae]? n
} aes@NOCTURN:Jul04<0> grep
} zsh: correct 'grep' to 'zgrep' [nyae]? n

My guess would be that you have *not* set one of either the HASH_CMDS
or HASH_DIRS setopts (or rather, that you have unsetopt'd them, as
they are on by default).

Does the above happen every time, or only the first time you use a
particular command, or sporadically?

The other possibility is that there are directories in your $PATH that
are automounted or some such, so that the command does not appear to
be available until zsh actually attempts to execute it.

Aside to zsh-workers:  Regardless of the above, this really shouldn't
happen.  I'd hate to suggest special-casing a leading underscore in the
correction code.  Other possibilities?

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