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comptctl help

i was wondering if someone could give me a little help with a couple of my
compctls.  i'd prefer not to use the menu configuration for these - i like
having it in a file, and i don't have a recent version of zsh on all of the
machines i use.

this works great for me, but if i try to cd into a hidden directory (say
.ssh / .netscape whatever) it won't autocomplete.  presumably i need to add
.??*(-/) somehow but i haven't been able to figure out how to do 'or' for
this particular expression.  i tried adding both separately with -g for each,
and i tried putting them between parenthesis with a pipe in between.  sorry
for the dumb question.

here's what i currently have.

# cd, rmdir etc. only accept dirs as arguments
compctl -g '*(-/)' cd chdir dirs pushd rmdir

also, i have this for scp:

# for scp or rcp we look for filenames or hostnames

filehosts() {
   local argc argv pref filenames hostnames
   read -nc argc
   read -Ac argv

   setopt nullglob
   filenames=( ${pref}* )
   hostnames=( ${(M@)hosts:#${pref}*} )
   if [[ ${#filenames} -eq 0 && ${#hostnames} -eq 1 ]]; then
      reply=( $filenames $hostnames )

compctl -K filehosts + -k hosts -S ':' + -u -S '@' \
       -x 'n[1,@]' -k hosts -S ':' - 'W[1,*:*]' -f -- rcp scp scp2

this works, but if i'm trying to copy a file that is in a different
directory, it completes the directory as if it's a file; ie if i'm trying to
and i type scp ju<tab>
it will complete to scp junk[space]
instead of junk/
so that i can then tab complete the filename.

it also doesn't work so well on older versions of zsh - sometimes it will
complete the username wrong or only give me some of the usernames as options.

anyway hope someone can help me out on this.


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