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Re: dynamic completion like emacs (M-/)

On Jul 29,  4:42pm, Paul Lew wrote:
}     paul>> Is there a way to do dynamic completion like emacs (M-/) in
}     paul>> zsh?
}     Bart> Yes, it's already bound to <ESC /> which is bothering some
}     Bart> vi-mode users.
} Which version is this binding added?  I could not find in both the
} 4.0.2 and the 4.1.0-dev-1.

It's only added if you're using the new completion system.  It gets
installed by `compinit'.

} How about bind it to M-/ in emacs mode and c-p in vi insert mode?

Ideally, that's what we'd do.  But at present, the `#compdef' tags used
by `compinit' to define key bindings only allow you to say what key to
use, not what keymap to install it in.  It goes into whatever map is in
effect at the time `compinit' runs.

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