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RE: FPATH being reset after .zshenv

   What do you mean exactly? If you used it in a *function* inside a
   and then changed FPATH inside the same function, then it should have
   described effect.

Right again. All my config is in a hierarchy of directories in multiple
files. All the config ends up in a function for two reasons:
(i) I use a function to check the file's location and execute the file, and
(ii) the zsh profiler works on functions and it allows me to usefully
profile the startup config.

   I just tried with ~/.zshenv looking like

   typeset -U FPATH

   and fpath is not cleared (and never was).

Okay, I'm sure that's what it'll do.

   Could you show your .zshrc?

Well I could but there's rather a lot. (1720 lines/29 files of normal
config, and 4210 lines/105 files of autoloaded functions which it makes use
of.) The problem's solved now though, so perhaps I'll leave that for
another time when I can't figure out what's wrong. ;)

Thanks for your rapid reply,


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