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Getting context sensitive glob expansions using new completion


I currently use styles including the following:

        :completion:* _expand _complete _ignored _approximate _prefix
        :completion:*:expand:* 1
        :completion:*:expand:* all-expansions expansions original

I also have menu completion switched off at all times (apart from

So then when I type eg.
     ls *<tab>
the * is expanded immediately into a full list of files (by _expand, tab
being mapped to complete-word).

This is what I want for ls. However, in general I would like the *
expansion to be the list of things valid at the point rather than always a
list of files, which is what I currently get.

     functions *<tab>
should expand to a list of functions.

So to achieve this I tried the following:

To add the list of all expansions I added _all_matches, and to get a list
of valid expansions using globbing I added _match. I added _match before
_complete because I want globbing to be expanded first, as in:
     zstyle ':completion:*' completer _all_matches _expand _match _complete _ignored _approximate _prefix

In order to prevent _match from affecting anything entered which is not a
pattern I did:
     zstyle ':completion:*' match-original only

In order that the all expansions list contains only those generated by
globbing I did this:
     zstyle ':completion:*' avoid-completer _expand _complete _ignored _approximate _prefix

And in order to stop expand from getting there first I did this:
     zstyle ':completion:*:expand:*' glob false

Now everything nearly works. I seem to get a list of all expansions when I
want it (ie. when a glob pattern is present), containing the matches I want
(ie. context dependant). However, I also get the list of individual
matches, and it launches into menu completion at the first available
opportunity. So I though maybe one of these might help:
     zstyle ':completion:*:all-matches:*' tag-order all-matches
     zstyle ':completion:*:match:*' tag-order all-matches

But unfortunately neither of them seemed to do anything. (even when I
changed it to ':completion:*' and deleted all my other tag-orders.)

Any suggestions on how to get the last step of inserting the all-matches
list straight way?



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