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all-matches with a suffix


Using the all-matches completer during SQL completion is giving me
corrupted results. ie.

    select * from sysusers

If I do all-matches immediately after the * I get:

    select environ f gidro namem  suidsy uid, susers

I've tracked it down to the -r (or -q) option to compadd. The completions
are added as:

    compadd -S ", " -r ", \t\n\-" -a _sql_columns

This is so that when you complete a column name normally in the select list
it appends a comma and a space, but if you type comma or space it removes
it again.

If I remove the -r then I get the much better:

    select environ,  gid,  name,  suid,  uid,  from sysusers

Presumably if the -r was in still, then typing space would remove that last

Any idea what's up?

(Zsh 4.0.2)



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