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Re: zsh: completion over nsf file systems

virgil adumitroaie wrote:
> i have started using zsh recently. all is wonderful (i am very happy about
> xterm title bars, works wonders for gnome users) except one difference
> between zsh and bash which i cannot eliminate.  file name completion works
> under bash even for nsf file systems but not under zsh.  for example,
> issuing
> ls /hosts/other_machine/exported_directory/<TAB>
> under bash I would be able to see the subdirectories, but under zsh not.
> is this something that can be configured with compctl and if yes, how?  

you might want to try messing around with your options; i really doubt that
the problem has anything to do with nfs - we use nfs to mount netapps and
other filesystems on almost all of our machines, and i've never had a problem
with completion.

you might try:

that's what i have.

are there a lot of files in the directory you're trying to look at?  i was
testing this out and it did take a while to get to:
zsh: do you wish to see all 266 possibilities (67 lines)? 

- so it might just be taking a while to figure out all the files / directory
names.  if you are using color ls or 'ls -F' or anything you might try
/bin/ls /hosts/other_machine/exported_directory/<TAB>
and see if that's any speedier.


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