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Do I really need a .zshenv?

I have a ~/.zshenv in which I've set 25 to 30 environment variables.
My ISP's /etc/zprofile sets about six env vars which I've re-set
in my ~/.zshrc.

( The order of zsh startup files on my system is:

(1)  ~/.zshenv
(2)  /etc/zprofile
(3)  ~/.zprofile
(4)  ~/.zshrc )

I'd like to avoid, if possible, having *two* separate startup files,
both of which contain env vars.

I'd like to move everything that's in my ~/.zshenv over into my ~/.zshrc.

That way, as I see it, I won't have to worry about /etc/zprofile ever
changing, or having more variables added, and then me having to re-set
anything.  It's basically just an annoyance that /etc/zprofile overwrites

(And since my ~/.zshrc has a fairly long list of aliases, I can move all
them into their own file and source that file from within ~/.zshrc.)

(I also have a small ~/.zprofile.)

My question: is there any reason for me to keep a .zshenv, instead of
taking all the settings that are in it, and putting them in ~/.zshrc,
and just getting rid of ~/.zshenv altogether?

Is ~/.zshrc sourced *only* in interactive shells and not on *all*
invocations of the shell (as ~/.zshenv is)?  If so, how much (why) would
that matter to me?  (scripts, etc?)    Thanks for any suggestions.

                                 // rj@xxxxxxxxx //

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