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Re: error on TTY read: no such file or directory

In the gothic chambers of the underworld on Tue 11 Sep 2001 at 08:15 -0400,
Borsenkow Andrej muttered darkly:

> To all - PLEASE, indicate at least
> - your Zsh version
> - your operating system
> - for Linux - distribution, and/or glibc version. Most people tend to
> name kernel version but it hardly matters (in most cases).
> - anything else you deem approrpiate

zsh 4.0.2
linux kernel 2.4.7
glibc 2.2.3

i don't use a pre-packaged distro, so i suppose you can consider the
system to be generic gnu/linux.

> I had similar problem under Mandrake cooker with specific version of
> util-linux. The way login tried to "free" controlling terminal resulted
> in process having *no* controlling terminal. Ash did not care, bash
> tried to explicitly reopen stdin, zsh had problems. It looked different,
> but may be it is attributed to different zsh version (I do not remember
> what version I had at this time).

i use the login from the shadow package, so util-linux isn't the
problem. also, i have three other boxes with the exact config listed
above, and they work fine with zsh.

also, as i said, this problem happens *only* when i login as root, and
then only from a tty.
> Please, login on other console and check zsh processes if they have
> controlling tty. 

they do. 


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