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Re: can't find termcap info

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> When I use TERM=nettle, I get the following error:
> zsh: can't find termcap info for nettle
> though there is a "nettle" entry in my .termcap file and .terminfo
> directory. Where's the problem?

i don't understand this fully (perhaps bart or someone can give a more
depth explanation), but i believe that unless you specifically compile
zsh with ncurses (or have a version that was compiled to work with
ncurses) it uses some sort of system of its own.

you might try putting:
export TERMINFO=/etc/terminfo (or whatever your terminfo stuff is)
export TERMCAP=/etc/termcap (terminfo is better if it works)

you might also have to re-export $TERM - like:

if [ "$TERM" = "nettle" ]; then
	export TERM=nettle

i'd mess around with $TERMCAP, $TERMINFO and $TERM and see what works
best.  i had a question about something similar a few weeks ago, so you
might check the recent archives for responses on the issue from those
wiser than i.


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