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Re: Question about completion

On Tue, Sep 18 2001, Daniel Brahneborg wrote:


I have tried this already, but it doesn't quite work. The thing is, that
you have to call opendir() with "foo@@/" in order to get all the matches
from readdir() and that doesn't seem to be the case here.


> Hi,
> > My second question is more complicated. In ClearCase, one can access
> > different version of file with syntax like this : filename@@version,
> > where version is /main/1 for example. So full path for a file may look
> > like "foo@@/main/1". Right now, my completion lists only the
> > filenames,
> > that is, only "foo" is listed. Is there a way to program completion so
> > that if a strng ends with "@@", I could run a custom function
> > which would
> > list all the versions available ? I have looked at the manual
> > pages and
> > examples, but I can't figure this out.
> Try foo@@/, and press tab.  The overloaded readdir() in mvfs will
> sort it out, and give the list of versions.  Works in 4nt too.
> /Basic

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