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Re: can't find termcap info


First apologies for not including the text of your messages, but
my email editor garbled them up.

I was seeing something very similar to the behavior you are
describing.  The problem for me was in the behavior of tgetent. 
Zsh assumes it will return a 1 if the entry is found in the
termcap library, 0 if not found, and -1 if a problem occurred
accessing the termcap information.

Under HP-UX, the tgetent return codes recently changed so it
returns OK (0) for success and ERR (-1) for error.  Hence the
changes invalidated the code written with the old assumptions.

I am not sure if HP-UX is following a new POSIX standard or what
by implementing these changes, but it may be possible that linux
has made a similar change.

The behavior I saw exactly was that zsh would still run under a
default termcap set, but much of the functionality was lost.

Hope that helps.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author