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loop exited when error occurs?

 [ i apologize for sending this to zsh-workers first - a copy&paste
 mistake ]


 i've come across another strange behaviour of zsh. if an error occurs the
 loop is exited and the code below it is executed (see example program).

 example program (test.sh):

nexistentdirs=(aaa bbb ccc)
while :; do
    echo "in the loop"
echo "out of loop"


 $ chmod +x test.sh
 $ ./test.sh
 ./test.sh:5: no matches found: ccc/*
 out of loop

 $ mkdir aaa bbb ccc
 $ touch aaa/fileA bbb/fileB ccc/fileC
 $ ./test.sh
 in the loop
 in the loop
 [and so on]

 i'd expect zsh to simply continue executing commands after the faulty command
but it exits the loop and continues simply below the loop. perhaps another bug?

    thanks for your help,

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