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Re: Wishlist for zsh: 3 tcsh features

martin.ebourne@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>       1) <Meta-Del>: In tcsh, when deleting elements in a path,
>          <Meta-Del> generally deletes everything up to the next
>          "/" character, e.g.
> In ZSH this is controlled with the WORDCHARS env var. Mine is set to:
> WORDCHARS='*?_-.[]~#'

hrmm... i can't seem to get this to work?  i have this:
aura% echo $WORDCHARS

if i type:
aura% cd /usr/home/william/

and hit ^W (which is bound to backward-kill-word but i've also tried
bindkey '^W' backward-delete-word)

it wipes to the beginning of /usr/home....

however it does let me delete to certain characters like the @ sign
(which _isn't_ mentioned in that list).

for instance:
% dig @ns.newdream.net
turns to:
% dig @

if i hit ^W.

this is what i want, however i would also like to be able to do what the
original poster was asking.  so is there a different variable i need to
set or am i missing something obvious here?



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