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Re: Wishlist for zsh: 3 tcsh features

On Oct 8,  5:25pm, martin.ebourne@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
}       1) <Meta-Del>: In tcsh, when deleting elements in a path,
}          <Meta-Del> generally deletes everything up to the next
}          "/" character, e.g.
} In ZSH this is controlled with the WORDCHARS env var. Mine is set to:
} WORDCHARS='*?_-.[]~#'

You can also try using vi-backward-kill-word instead of backward-kill-word.

}       2) <Meta-p>, part 1 : In tcsh, <Meta-p>, when looking up history
}          elements that begin with the already-typed string, will return
}          a unique list of elements that match the string, e.g.:
} One solution to this is prevent history lines from getting duplicated in
} the first place. Something like:
} setopt hist_find_no_dups

Just that one, should give what James wants.  If it doesn't, we need to
fix it.

}       3) <Meta-p>, part 2 : In tcsh, <Meta-p> will return the command that
}          matches exactly what's been typed already:
} The ZLE widgets 'history-beginning-search-backward' and '
} history-beginning-search-forward' are probably what you are after.

On Oct 8,  6:10pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Those two widgets annoyingly don't allow you to navigate up and down in
} multiple line commands so you may prefer to try `up-line-or-search' and
} `down-line-or-search' which are similar. They also have their faults
} though because they only use the first word on the current line in their
} search. Ideally, these will be replaced with more primitive widgets
} (e.g. just up-line) so that I can write one which works exactly as I
} like in a shell function.

I don't think it's possible to get more primitive than up-line-or-history,
which goes up one line in a multi-line buffer or up one history entry at
the beginning of the buffer.  Unless you're looking for a primitive that
won't move out of the multi-line buffer when it reaches the top?

Meanwhile, something like this should work:

    function up-line-or-beginning-search {
	if [[ $LASTWIDGET != $WIDGET ]]
	    if [[ $BUFFER == *$'\n'* ]]
	zle .${__last_up_line:-beep}

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