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cleartool completion function generated from XML.

My first  attempt at creating clearcase completion functions from XML hopefully
has some use at this point.

I describe the steps I took to generate completion functions from the
"cleartool help" output on the web page below:


The generated function can be used, but there are a lot problems with it, the
problems I'm aware of are listed at the end of the page.  Some of these
shouldn't be too hard to fix, others might take a little work and compromises.

If you just want to look at the generated generated completion function, you
can pull that from:


Some of the files used for this are quite large.  This attempts to complete 140
different cleartool subcommands.  Also, it uses the XML completion schema I
proposed earlier, that can use a of space.

There is still a lot of human work required to provide functions that list the
different types of args that these subcommands take.  Since the help output I
have doesn't actually describe the commands, there are no useful explanations
or help messages.  Some help there could be useful.

With some more effort it would be possible to generate completion functions for
other version control systems like Perforce or Bitkeeper.


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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author