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Re: Question about Completion

I received some private replies from Goran and Sven about Clearcase filename
completion back in Sept that I thought I would forward in part to the list. (I
figure there might be a few lurkers who have some interest.)

On Sep 23 23:54:17 2001, Goran Koruga wrote:
>Someone else has told me to use setopt automenu and setopt autolist.
>This works if I don't have my custom completion module - so later on I
>asked if there's a way to get that working.

Check Sven's reply below...

>Right now I am still banging my head with the first problem - it will
>call _cc_files and _cc_co_files even when just arguments are to be
>completed. I have realized that _arguments has -A switch, but that will
>mean I have to change all calls to _arguments to add -A "-*" (I have
>actually found that in one of the man pages ;). I have checked _cvs
>script and it seems quite similar to mine, however for them the file
>completing functions are not called.

Not sure.  It might be useful to look at the trace output to see what is
happening.  If you use the default bindings, there is a nice completion trace
facility via "^X-?".

>All of this completion stuff is quite complex. Right now I will try to
>compare CVS completion against mine to try and figure out the difference.

One problem I noticed with your completion function is that you use the "-s"
flag with _arguments.  This is used if you have single letter options that can
be combined into a single word (e.g. the ls command allows "ls -la"). 
Clearcase has word options, not letter options, so doesn't need this flag like
cvs does.

In response to a message where I mention some comments Sven had made some time
back in zsh-workers #9631.  He makes a another possible to _path_files.  (I
don't have access to clearcase, so I can't test this...)

On Tue Sep 25 05:33:12 2001, Sven Wischnowsky responded.
>From Sven Wischnowsky Tue Sep 25 05:33:12 2001
>I don't remember what I suggested back then and don't have the time to
>look it up now.  But anyway, Goran and others using ClearCase who want
>to help could try the following: make themselves a copy of _path_files
>and insert before line 36 something like:
>  if compset -P '*@@'; then
>    # code to complete the version string here...
>    return
>  fi
>Instead of that `fi' one could try:
>  elif (( ! $pfxsfx[(I)-[a-zA-Z12]S] )); then
>    pfxsfx=( "$pfxsfx[@]" -qS '@@' )
>  fi
>To make it always add an automatically removable `@@' suffix if there
>isn't one from the calling function.
>Then if we arrive at something usable, we can start thinking about how
>to integrate that into the distribution, maybe with one or more styles
>or by adding generic code into _path_files so that can make it call
>arbitrary helper functions (with one for ClearCase being the first
>implemented) or whatever.


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