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Re: Problem with zip completion

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Also, the
> _zip function thinks `zip -e' will encrypt, but zip 2.3 doesn't have
> that option on my system.

I'm fairly certain that for encryption, you need to download some
separate patches from a different server which depends on whether you're
in the US or not. I went to the trouble of doing that when I compiled it
on IRIX several years ago. It may have all changed by now though.

> Oliver, it looks like you wrote the _zip function, posted in 13600.
> On which version of zip did you base it?

I always get the latest before writing these so I will have had 2.3. I
know in this case that I looked at several other versions for reference.
I also remember there being more than a few differences between versions
and I may have left something out either intentionally or accidentally.
I suggest Clint's patch is applied for now but I'll go back and look at
_zip in detail again sometime soon incase there are other omissions.


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