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Re: Number of jobs in prompt

Oliver wrote:
> Would it be a good idea to add a %j prompt expansion and j test character to prompt expansion to make this easier?

I'm not convinced that this is such a helpful thing, since it is unlikely to
have exactly the right semantics for most people.  For instance, some
users are going to care only about stopped jobs, others only
backgrounded jobs, others the combined stopped and backgrounded

(. . . plus all the other variants that I'm sure will crop up.  For
instance, I display stopped jobs (not backgrounded ones) like this:
  j[1+:vim 2-:elm 4:vim]
saying that job number 1, the current job (+) is vim, job 2, the
previous job, is elm, and so on.  I don't see how a %j prompt-thingy is
going to help with this.  But I accept that, and do some psvar-setting
stuff in precmd().)

. . just my thoughts.

Debbie Pickett http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~debbiep debbiep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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