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Re: pipe issues with 'jobs' command

--- Sweth Chandramouli <svc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 08:37:48PM -0500, Le Wang
> wrote:
> > Pretty weird, eh?
> 	Not really; this is the expected behaviour.  This
> was
> just discussed in another thread earlier this month;
> search the archives
> for the thread "get the number of active jobs to
> show in the prompt?".
> 	-- Sweth.
> -- 
> Sweth Chandramouli ; <svc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> President, Idiopathic Systems Consulting

okay, thanks a lot.  That's really helpful.  So a
subshell was being created on the lhs of the
pipe...that makes sense.  But looking at the following
code from my .zshrc:

getJobCount () {
  print "$#jobtexts";

prompt_le1_precmd () {
  PS1="$(getJobCount) %# "
  PS2="%_> "
  PS3="?# "

If I call getJobCount from the shell directly (e.g.
execute the command 'getJobCount'), I get the real
number of jobs, but my prompt always prints 0.  What's
going on here?


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