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Re: newbie's question about completion

Dan Kenigsberg wrote:
> Assume I have an executable in my $PATH named `armadillo'.
> In versions 2.5.0 and 3.0.8 I only had to type ar<TAB> to execute it.
> Since ar(1) is in my path, too, zsh would beep and let me choose between ar and
> armadillo.
> However in versions 3.1.9 and 4.0.2, ar<TAB> expands to `ar ', and does not give
> me the opportunity to choose what I wanted. I find this very annoying.
> Browsing the man and searching the web for how to revert to the old behavior
> did not produce the answer. Frankly, I don't know waht to search for..
> I hope someone here would help me,

just a thought; perhaps 'autolist' is set?  does it complete and add a
space or does it sit there? if you tab again will it go to the next

you might explore some of (or all of) the following options (these are
the main options i have set which pertain to completion).

NO_list_beep (maybe)

if that doesn't help, you might want to include the output of:
echo $PATH
echo SHELL

and then 'which command1' and 'which command2' (with the names of the
actual commands you're having problems with)....

and the output of:

this might be helpful to those who are more knowledgable than i and
allow them to answer your question more fully.

the behaviour you're used to is definitely possible in the newer zsh
versions (pretty much anything is....).


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