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Re: newbie's question about completion

On Thu, Nov 08, 2001, Dan Kenigsberg wrote about "Re: newbie's question about completion":
> > Try: unsetopt recexact
> Thanks Will and Oliver. That's exactly the answer to my anguish.

Strange, I don't remember recexact being set by default on any version of
zsh... Is it perhaps the doing of your Linux distribution, in some file
like /etc/z*, /etc/profile.d/*, or something?

I've been sending bug reports to Redhat on almost every one of their
releases asking them to remove weird settings that they put in files like
/etc/zshrc which override's Zsh's standard defaults and confuse people
who read the manual. In Redhat 7.2, for example, they put "bindkey -e" in
/etc/zshrc. This is useless because emacs mode is the default mode anyway -
but ruins the vi default for people who set VISUAL=vi (as explained in
the zsh manual). After I reported this "bug", they said they'll remove this
setting in the next release.

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