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Re: Effect of typeset -U for colon separated paths?

On Dec 14,  3:00pm, Hannu Koivisto wrote:
} BAR=foo:bar:baz
} foo=(${(s:::)BAR}
} ...but s expansion flag couldn't split with plain ":" (for
} understandable reasons).  I couldn't figure out any working way to
} quote it either.

Andrej has already mentioned "typeset -T", but to quote the doc for the
flags j, l, r, s, etc.:

 The following flags (except p) are followed by one or more arguments as
 shown.  Any character, or the matching pairs `(...)', `{...}', `[...]',
 or `<...>', may be used in place of a colon as delimiters, but note
 that when a flag takes more than one argument, a matched pair of
 delimiters must surround each argument.

So for example:


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