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Re: creating associative arrays

On Dec 11,  7:45pm, Akos Szalkai wrote:
} I am trying to fill an associative array from a file.  If the name of
} the file is fixed, e.g. array.txt then the following works:
} : ${(AA)dict::=$(<array.txt)}
} However, if the filename is given in a parameter then the command:
} : ${(AA)dict::=$(<${filename})}
} gives the error
} zsh: bad set of key/value pairs for associative array.

This is a side-effect of the bug that was fixed in zsh-workers/16215.
That was about a week after the 4.0.4 release; the above works in the
latest 4.1.0-dev.  I haven't committed that patch on the 4.0 branch yet.

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