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forward: UTF-8

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Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 22:50:21 +0100
Subject: UTF-8
From: Olivier Verdier <Olivier.Verdier@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: zsh@xxxxxxxxxx


I'm using Darwin and Mac OS X 10.1 together with zsh (zsh --version = 
zsh 4.0.4 (powerpc-apple-darwin1.4)), and I can't figure out how to make 
it work properly with UTF-8 encoding. All file names are indeed encoded 
in UTF-8 on macintosh hard-disk (HFS+ format). I use a terminal which is 
UTF-8 aware (apple Terminal.app). It works perfectly with 
UTF-8-configured 'less' and 'vim' commands.

Some examples of misbehaviors:
1) a 'ls' command for "Téléchargement" gives "Te??e??hargement"
	*but* 'ls | less' gives "Téléchargement" if less is configured for 
	so the output of 'ls' is correct, but is misinterpreted by the shell

2) completion doesn't work; if 'Télé' is on the directory, Té[tab] gives 
nothing, but 'cd Télé' works...
	*moreover* 'cd Té' writes 'cd T@' on screen, but 'cd Té[tab]' turns 
itself into 'cd Té'

3) 'cd Télé' together with the option 'printeightbit' prints correctly 
the pwd; mkdir Télé works as expected.

All theses strange behaviors make me think that the solution is not so 
far but still I can't find a way around.
Is there an easy way out, or is a complete refund of zsh necessary to 
achieve the UTF-8 compatibility?

thank you for your help and for the excellent shell you provided to the 

	Olivier Verdier

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